Temi Special Tea - Net Weight 250 G

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Price: Rs 395.00
Energy (kcl) - 348.20
Protein (g)    -  20.10
Carbohydrate- 62.00
Fat all Types  -   0.50
Fatty acid (g) -   0.50
Cholestrol (g) -   NIL
Vitamin (mgl) - 69.10
Mineral (mg)  -205.40

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Boil Fresh Water (ensure it is not over boiled) 
Warm the Teapot (preferably earthenware) by rinsing with hot water 
Pity one teaspoon of dry tea for each cup and add one extra teaspoon for the pot.
Pour Freshly Boiled water into the pot, about 01 cup full for every person.
Let it brew for 3 minutes, then pour into cups, add sugar and milk to taste.
There you have the perfect recipe for good times, enjoy