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Spring Time Bloom Darjeeling ( First Flush Black Tea ) - Net Weight 100 G

Freshly emergent fine  leaves creates this spring tea, an ideal wake-up breakfast tea. T.....

Rs 440.00

Summer Solstice Muscatel Darjeeling ( Second Flush Black Tea ) - Net Weight 100 G

The Muscatels salute the advent of Summer Life forces, preferred as an after meal Tea, Summer solist.....

Rs 440.00

Darjoolong Darjeeling Oolong Tea - Net Weight 100 G

This special Oolong from Darjeeling Hills is a mild semi-fermented between a black and a green tea. .....

Rs 250.00

Temi Special Tea - Net Weight 250 G

Energy (kcl) - 348.20 Protein (g)    -  20.10 Carbohydrate- 62.00 Fat a.....

Rs 395.00

Silver Green Darjeeling Green Tea - Net Weight 100 G

As our longest season tea, is plucked in the garden only from selected locations from June to Novemb.....

Rs 460.00

Bai Mu Dan Darjeeling Peony White Tea - Net Weight 25 G

White tea, two leaves and a bud plucked only from Camellia Sinensis during summer, in the most remot.....

Rs 190.00

Silver Tips Imperial Darjeeling Full Moon Oolong Tea - Net Weight 50 G

Silver Tips Imperial is our patented handmade semi-fermented light liquoring Oolong Tea. Relaxing an.....

Rs 1,250.00

Makaibari Apoorva Black - Organic Darjeeling Black Tea - Net Weight 500 G

Energy  (Kcal) 174 Proteins  (g)   14.2 Carbohydates (g) 29 Fat (g.....

Rs 480.00