Silver Tips Imperial Darjeeling Full Moon Oolong Tea - Net Weight 50 G

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Silver Tips Imperial is our patented handmade semi-fermented light liquoring Oolong Tea. Relaxing and anti-aging liquor ideally sipped in the evening before bed time.
One of the most awarded tea in the world, this unique creation is the result of our biodynamic practices in connection with the rhythms of the sun, moon, constellations and the cosmic creative forces.

Energy (kcal) 174
Proteins (g) 14.2
Carbohydrates (g) 29
Fat (g) Traces
Certified Under Control Union

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For optimum flavor natural spring water is recommended     
1. Bring fresh water to first boil at 90°C        
2. Add one heaped teaspoon full for each person to the water in a porcelain pot.
3. After cooling down the boiling water for 5 minutes, steep for 3 minutes. Sip tepid.