We take Organics to a higher level by engaging in biodynamic practices- following Rudolph Steiner " spiritual Science " for the earth. Makaibari has pioneered Organic, Fairtrade and biodynamic practices to Tea and tropical agriculture.

Makaibari Manufactures 6 types of Patented Organic / biodynamic certified leaf grade Teas that are not available anywhere else.

Makaibari - Exclusive - Tea Treasures // Makaibari -Premium - Aporva Signature // Makaibari - Regular - Aprova - Tea Bags  

Temi Tea: Premium, Regular, Tea Bags

An exceptional tea grown in the Himalayan State of Sikkim.  It is an Government of Sikkim enterprises and governed by Tea Board of Sikkim. The Garden has been Certified 100% ORGANIC by I.M.O. (INDIA)a member group of   Switzerland since 2008. Temi Tea Estate is also HACCP Certified as per ISO-22000 standard under Food Safety Management system since 2010.

Sidapur Coffee unfolds a truly inspiring experience with an array of premium quality coffees ranging from classic pure filter coffee to specialized espresso blends. Meticulously handpicked and processed to highlight the flavorful intrinsic notes latent in each bean, Sidapur promises a new experience in fine taste.

The story of Kerala's spices dates back to many thousands of years into the past. Kerala's claim to fame in the ancient world rested mainly with her fabulous riches brought about due to total monopoly over spices.

Flavourit connects nature’s traditions to the modern world, bringing together progressive farmers and grassroots organization, whose hard work ensure best quality spices for your wellness. Flavourit is also committed to health and wellness of people and planet. It ensures natural taste and aroma of the spices, packaged in Eco friendly ways, suitable for modern lifestyle.

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Soaps // Shampoos // Shower Gels // Face Wash // Body Lotion // Clearness Oil // Massage Oil.

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